Question and Answers

Question: how much is this going to cost?

Answer: that depends on you we need to know how big you want it?

Question: what will it look like?

Answer: you tell us what you need it to look like and we will show you what we could achieve (with reservation that it must be a dome)

Question: if it is glass would not everyone see us inside the house?

Answer: no the glass bricks vary some are opaque some are almost like onyx some are cement and some are pure glass

Question: ventilation surely there will be condensation?

Answer: No there are special vents that prevent a built up.

Question: how long will I have to wait before I could start my house?

Answer: we need to know how many clients are interested in this project so we can start production with firm orders I hope this answers your questions? If there are any other questions or if you wish to place an order in the near future you can reserve a place on our order form. This means that you can change your mind at any time there is no contractual Agreement it just means if you want to go ahead in the future we have your name down on our list (for this service all you need do is to E-mail back (PLEASE RESERVE ME A PLACE)