Thank you for interest in our Geodesic Dome Glass bricks.

We are developing the manufactory for these bricks in Texas USA Although we are based in UK. The idea is to you to build your own house (with instruction & designs). But it is you the client that determine how large the dome will be. We are working on the principal that it will be self-sufficient. That means no wires no electricity (solar power) no underground pipes (plumbing) this will be done by hydraulics so your water will be from the source. We will be also using Solar toilets.

Good old dependable brick Strong old tried & tested. In fact it has been going for from the beginning of time in fact too long. It is limited in the building shapes because they are all square. That means the wind hits the square shapes houses which in turn does lots of damage.

1) it blocks up gutters
2) roof tiles starts falling off
3) window frames starts to rot
4) there is dry rot wood worms and endless others things that can go wrong