Build your own Geodesic Glass House.
Here is the Revolutionary interlocking bricks.

Here are 10 reasons for this:

  1. The Beauty of this is you do not need to be skilled to make this
  2. It will need no cables for power as it is solar powered
  3. The House is the only geodesic house without a frame
  4. The floor the walls and ceiling is all made from our Hexagons & Pentagons
  5. The houses could be made from glass or cement
  6. They can come in different sizes
  7. They will slot in order so you should not get it wrong
  8. The cost will be a lot cheaper then a convention house
  9. Think of it no more gutters blocked up no more tiles falling off no rust no rot
  10. They will be strong hurricane proof easy to build after a tragedy like the tsunamis wave.

Patent no GB0416464.6 Geoff Morley director of Morley Enterprises